• Your New Prince or Princesses Needs



    Before your Persian kitten comes home there is plenty of preparation to do, just like bringing home a new baby!

    Things you will need to think about are food, water, grooming supplies, a place to sleep, etc. Listed below are some of the essential items you will want prior to bringing home your new kitten.


     Your new kitten will need food and water bowls. For more about what we recommend as far as food and water please see “Feeding Persians”

     Your new kitten will need a place to sleep. They will snuggle up and go to sleep just about anywhere a wicker basket and blanket, cat bed or will snuggle in with you.

     Transporting your kitten is something your will be doing several times the first year as you pick them up  and then their vet visits for vaccinations. Also if you travel at all he/she will need a safe place to ride. A nice carrier plastic or cloth can also serve as a bed.

     Scratching posts are a must or your new kitten will shred your furniture. You will also want to have plenty of toys such as balls, cloth mice, and cat tunnels are some of their favorites. Kittens love to crawl into and hide in just about anything a paper bag or even cardboard box.

     Safety is a very important area to mention. Cats and kittens will follow you everywhere so use caution while in the kitchen. Never leave and iron on the ironing board, they love to jump up onto things and will knock it over of even get burned if it is left on. Take care with open fireplaces, washing machines, dryer etc, they will nap anywhere. Check on any plants you have, some may be poisonous to cats. Watch that they don’t escape out open doors and windows, this poses several risks. Besides the possibility of being harmed by some other animal or getting lost, being hit by a car is the number 1 reason cats are injured or worse killed. Persians with their long fur are just not equipped to be outside. They don’t deal with the elements such as bugs and plants.

     You will need a litter box and litter. Keep your litter box clean and fresh. This means daily. If you have more than one cat they may be fussy and want their own. However if 2 kittens are purchased at the same time they generally will share.

     Persians typically have some extent of eye drainage due to their flat faces. The flatter the face the more drainage. Eye cleaning pads can be purchased at any pet store. Eyes should be gently wiped daily.


  • When Can My Kitty Come Home?

    CFA recommends that kittens stay with their moms for 10-16 weeks to ensure:


    Proper nutrition from mothers’ milk

    By this age your kitten will have been vet checked for any health issues

    Your kitten will have had its first set of vaccinations

    Your kitten will be on a flea preventative program

    Your new kitten will have learned to use a litter box

    He/She will be able to eat dry food

    And will have learned socialization skills from its mother and siblings

  • Feeding Persians

     We feed our kittens and cats Farmina kitten food. You can usually find  this at a pet store or you can order it on line. Farmina is specifically designed for Persians and after extensive research we found it is one of the most highly recommended Persian foods.

     We recommend a filtered/fountain type watering system. They should be either stainless steel or ceramic (lead free). This not only filters out chemicals that may not be good for your kitten but also encourages them to drink more keeping them well hydrated and in good health. Also, with their flat faces it is easier for them to drink as opposed to a water bowl where their faces get wet and water gets in their little noses. No plastic bowls should be used due to the fact that they are hard to clean, they can put out an odor causing your kitten to not eat, and they can cause feline acne if the rim becomes rough or cracked.

     We leave dry food out 24 hours a day so they can nibble when they feel hungry. We throw away any leftover food in the morning so they are provided with fresh food daily.

     You can also put them on a schedule of feeding twice a day. Morning and again in the evening. Remember you will need to be available every day at the same time if you do this. Their little tummies have built in alarm clocks and they expect to be fed on time.

     Be sure your litter box and food are in separate areas. No kitty wants to eat by their toilet.

  • Grooming Persians


     We bathe weekly as young kittens and progress to 1-2 weeks as they become older (4-6 months). Once they are adults usually once a month is adequate.

     Prior to bathing you will want to completely comb your cat/kitten. Be sure to check for any mats. If you find one you can gently “tease” it apart to break it up and then comb it out. If you are not able to do this gently snip it out with scissors. Never try to pull it out. It hurts them and makes grooming an unpleasant time.

     Nail trimming should be done at bath time. We trim prior to bath in the event one of them was to scratch.

     Use a tear free shampoo for kittens. Be careful to keep soap away from their eyes even though it is tear free.

     Rinse all shampoo thoroughly or when your kitten is dry their fur will feel sticky.

     Gently towel dry after done bathing. You can use a blow dryer on a low warm setting or let them air dry. Just be sure they don’t get chilled.

     Once they are dry it is time to do a thorough combing. You will want two metal tooth combs for this.        (nylon combs make their hair full of static electricity) First comb with a wide tooth comb followed by a medium tooth comb. Doing this gets all the loose hair out leaving your cat looking like the Royal Feline he or she is.

     Don’t forget to clean under their eyes with eye pad and also they can be used to wipe out their ears.

  • Persian Vocabulary

    Peke-faced:  Persians with a flat, scrunched up face, scrunched up face. This is one of the areas that are judged on show cats. They generally will have more eye and nasal drainage due to the minimal amount of sinus cavity space.

    Doll-face: Persians with a tiny short nose. Much like that of their early ancestors. Doll-face kitten are primarily seen as pets although may be used in a breeding program to bring out some other character that is desired in the show ring.


    Queen: Adult female cat.

    Tom: Adult male cat.

  • Costs to own a Persian

    We breed to help perfect the breed. We do not breed just to have kittens to sell. All kittens that are born are not show quality but may be used in a breeding program or be sold as a pet. Pet does not mean the kitten is unhealthy, it means it does not meet the tough show criteria.


    Breeding requires time and dedication and quite a bit of income.  As a breeder we have to be able to care for a sick cat or sit with a mommy in labor. We have a veterinarian who is available 24 hours a day for emergencies such as a cesarean section. All kittens receive full vet checks, receive vaccinations and are on a flea prevention program. We take pride in our spotless, clean-smelling and sanitary cattery. We feed only the best food, our water is filtered and we have an air filtration system.


    We want you to know in your heart that your new baby has had nothing but the best. Please ask yourself, knowing now all the above information, if a Persian is being sold for $100, $200, $300 or is “free”. Why?????

  • Celebrity Persian Lovers

    To name a few:

    Taylor Swift

    Mike Meyers

    Al Pacino

    Grace Kelly

    Morgan Freeman

    Sean Connery

    Drew Barrymore

  • Your Favorite Has Been Adopted

    As soon as we receive a deposit from an individual on a listed kitten we then show it as sold or adopted. The internet runs 24 hours a day and prospective parents are constantly looking for the perfect kitten for them. It is important to act immediately when you find your favorite kitten.


    Please contact us and we can place you on a wish list and let you know when a kitten like the one you were hoping for becomes available. We are very health conscious with our mommies and only allow them to have 2 litters per year so again we encourage you to act immediately when your find that special kitten you have been waiting for.

  • Why Is An Application Required?

    The purpose of the application is essentially we want to know our precious kittens will be going to a loving, caring home. We hope you become friends with us and send us updated pictures to share with others. We want you to love your new family member as much as we love them. Probably one of the most difficult things in having a quality cattery is to part with one of our babies. We realize some of the standards may seem high to you but they are important to us. They go from our heart to yours when they go to their new forever home.

  • How To Choose Your Breeder

    Whether buying your Persian as a pet, breeding, or to show you will want to be sure you are buying quality!


    Purchasing a Persian with good quality means:

    Good bone conformation

    Correct stature

    Color and color patterns will be of high standard

    Health warranty from breeder


    Avoid buying from kitten mills:

    For starters why you should avoid kitten mills is due to the inhuman way those poor cats and kittens are cared for. They are kept in tiny cages and only “used” for breeding. They are never held with the exception of their endearing sweet photo they post on the web, they do not know touch or how to interact with being held or bonded with. They are not cleaned, not well fed, and not cared for in any manner including medically. Not only that but they will do anything to “produce” more kittens to sell including mating kittens who are far too young to mate along with mating siblings resulting in inbred litters which pose them at much higher risks for birth defects and life long disabilities that can very well be fatal. There are few ways to stop them legally and as long as there is a demand for what they are selling they will continue. Avoid buying from them and they will have no choice but to stop their mill. To learn more about kitten mills and ways we can ban together to stop them search “persian kitten mills” on any search engine such as Google or Bing.


    Questions to ask any breeder and to help rule out purchasing from a mill:

    Ask questions about  the parents, and siblings

    Ask to see photos of not only the parents, but the entire litter.

    Ask periodically for updated photos of your kitten along with again photos of parents and siblings.


    A reputable breeder will be able to provide you with a health warranty.

  • Can I Have More Than One Persian

    One is absolutely fine, but without a doubt two would be great because they would have constant company and are a joy to watch as they play and grow together.

  • Persian Characteristics

    The Persian is generally described as a quiet cat. Typically placid in nature, it adapts quite well to apartment life.


    Himalayans tend to be more active due to the influence of Siamese traits.


    In a study comparing cat owner perceptions of their cats, Persians rated higher than non-pedigree cats on closeness and affection to owners, friendliness towards strangers, cleanliness, predictability, vocalization and fussiness over food.


  • Famous Persians

    Mr. Tinkles, the antagonist from Cats & Dogs and Cats & Dogs


    Snowbell from Stuart Little


    The Cat King from The Cat Returns


    Crookshanks, Hermione's magical familiar from the Harry Potter series


    The white Persian cat belonging to Ernst Stavro Blofeld in James Bond


    In the animated movie Over the Hedge, there is a Persian cat named Tiger


    The original Mr. Bigglesworth, belonging to Dr. Evil, a spoof of the aforementioned James Bond villain in the Austin Powers movies.


    In the show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Rarity, one of the main characters, has a pet Persian cat named Opalescence.


    Duchess, the Hoggetts' spoiled cat and the main antagonist of Babe.


    Sassy, the family's Himalayan cat in the book Homeward Bound


    Mme. Rubens-Chatte (voiced by Hermione Gingold), she was Meowrice's sister from Gay Purr-ee.


    Garfield is an exotic short haired Persian cat.


    Mr. Whiskers from Frankenweenie.


  • Forms Of Payment We Accept

    When purchasing your new baby we require a non-refundable $400.00 deposit along with the signed contract. This will be applied towards the balance due upon going home.

    All kittens must be paid for in full at the time of picking up.


    We have several payment options for your convenience: Cash, money order, personal check, and Pay Pal. Please note that due to past experiences all checks must clear our bank fully before we will allow pickup.


    Pay Pal is probably the best option for payment when considering the convenience of paying from home verses driving to the bank, safer since Paypal is such a secure website, and faster than regular mail.

  • Our Contract

    To view the contract we require upon purchasing a kitten from us please Click Here

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