Welcome to our kittens page! Below you will find photos of our little royals whom have all been adopted into their new loving homes. We love to share updated photos, new kittens for adoption, and more on our Facebook page so please be sure to follow us by clicking the LIKE at the bottom of any page or “Click Here” page.


Before you fall in love with the cutest faces on earth we want to make sure you know a few things about Persians and our policies. For first time Persian parents please view our FAQ page by Clicking Here to learn more about loving and caring for the most beloved cat in the world.


While we do not ask for your entire blood line and photos of your current home like some breeders, we do have a screening process through our application to make sure our precious kittens are going to good homes and not to resupply kitten mills. To view the application and criteria please Click Here.

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