Kitten Candy Persians is a small home cattery, in our home, located in Texas, north of Houston. We are proud members of Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), and all of our cats are CFA registered. Our reason for starting our cattery is because we believe that everyone deserves to opportunity to love and be loved by a Persian but with the hundreds of kitten mills out there posing as reputable loving homes we felt that we needed to take it upon ourselves to end kitten mills by meeting the demand for the world’s most prestigious feline. Every kitten sold by us is one less purchased from the mills and one more reason they inch closer to going out of business. To learn more about us, see photos of our cattery and our sweet fur family please scroll down.

Our Cattery

Although Kitten Candy is a small home cattery, where all of our cats come from parents who are Grand Champions/Champions. We pride ourselves in the quality of the pure Persians that we have in our family. We breed to improve on the already high Persian standard. One of the qualities we have focused on is all our Persians have large nares. This is a quality that prevents your Persian from having respiratory problems. Our Persians are all PDK, FIV/FELv negative as well as parasite and fungus free. All kittens purchased come with a health guarantee. Our licensed veterinarian specializes in Persian cats and kittens and she has personally cared for our feline family for over 12 years. Each kitten is seen kitten is seen by her at 6-9 weeks of age. She does a complete health check including lab wok to verify fiv/leukemia negative, a fecal test to verify negative for any parasites and then the kittens are started on their immunizations.


At Kitten Candy Persians we have a variety of colors both solid and bicolors. We have added silver into our program and are now focusing on silver, white, black and some calico. Fortunately we still get a few other colors at times like blue and red.

Quality and Limited Availability

Kitten Candy Persians only has a few available kittens each year because we only allow our moms to have one litter per year occasionally a second. We breed show standard, extreme faced kittens with large round eyes and short cobby bodies.

Meet The Family

Kitten Candy allows the cats to roam freely throughout the house. They are very well socializes, played with daily and all get along well together. We trim nails weekly so they are very used to this grooming activity. Our kittens our bathed on a weekly basis starting at about 6 weeks old to introduce them to the bathing grooming processes.  Once they are adults usually a bath every couple of months is sufficient. We like to use baby shampoo and a gentle cream rinse to keep their beautiful fur in top condition.

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