Although Kitten Candy is a small home cattery, our parents are all show quality. Their ancestry has many Grand champions and Champions! We now breed only silvers and goldens. We breed to improve on the already high Persian standard. One thing we particularly focus on is larger nares. This is a quality that not only helps to prevent respiratory issues, but also helps to prevent eye drainage that stains the fur around the eye and nose.


All off our kittens come with a one year health guarantee. Our veterinarian has been caring for Persians for many years and is familiar with the breed. A complete physical is completed on your baby at around 9 weeks of age. They are examined for teeth to toes, lab work is completed and immunizations are started. This verifies your kitten is in perfect health, free from parasites and ready to become part of your family!

Kitten Candy Persians only has a few available kittens each year. We only breed once a year on occasion twice so that out moms are nice and healthy and have time to just be part of our family. Our kittens are bred to show standard, extreme faces with large round green/teal eyes accented with black eyeliner. They have long thick fur and nice short cobby bodies.

Meet The Family

Kitten Candy allows the cats to roam freely throughout the house. They are very well socializes, played with daily and all get along well together. We trim nails weekly so they are very used to this grooming activity. Our kittens our bathed on a weekly basis starting at about 6 weeks old to introduce them to the bathing grooming processes.  Once they are adults usually a bath every couple of months is sufficient. We like to use baby shampoo and a gentle cream rinse to keep their beautiful fur in top condition.

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